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Pumping Machinery, LLC - News - by VK 06/07/2016 @ 20:54

Pumping Machinery (Dr. Nelik) has been approved by the Israel Energy Department as an officially certified tester of pumps efficiency and field energy analysis for pumps and pumping systems.

We can:

  • Do a complete hydraulic analysis of your pump(s) and
  • Apply the actual solution: redesign/modify the internals to properly adjust hydraulic performance to restore efficiency, improve flow (shift the BEP peak to the low flow or to the higher flow, depending on the requirement), and safe energy.
    Not just the analysis - but analysis and an applied solution to your pump energy problem - guaranteed.

Example: a 1000 KW pump, operating non-stop, uses approximately 4.4 million shekels a year! - wasting 10% (and we see even worse cases) of that is nearly half a million shekels a year. We can fix that - guaranteed. You first pump/system analysis - free of charge - as an introductory demonstration of our capabilities.

pump efficiency

Let us apply our expertise to your worst pump energy hog - call or email to:

Dr. Lev Nelik, P.E.
President / Technical Director
Pumping Machinery, LLC
  US: cell 770-310-0866
  Israel (Beer Sheva): 050-865-0451

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