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Our new web sites - by VK 26/10/2013 @ 02:49 in cooperation with just launched a few web-project:
VK-WOW - Extreme Life - Community that connects everyone who believes that life - this is Extreme, and Extreme - that's the life.

Welcome to our new site!

Useful Tools Section - by VK 18/03/2012 @ 11:38

Our site has a new section - "Useful Tools." In this section, we plan to place various tools and software, in other words, all that can help you in the realization any of your ideas.
At the moment, there are available:

  •  Resistance Calculator, that makes it easy to determine values of resistors on the color markings, and vice versa.
  •  Page "Giveaway of the Day." On this page, every day, we will provide our visitors with a different licensed software to download - free of charge, within the bounds of a limited time offer.

Pump School Theory and Hands-On, March 29-30

Registration continues for the Pump School training session March 29-30, 2011:
To Register or more information:

Among Pump Training topics are centrifugal and positive displacement pumps, mechanical seals, bearings and lubrications, alignment, field work, troubleshooting and repair subject, as well as reliability and energy savings aspects. Theory strongly reinforced by hands-on work.

Fees: as described at the web link above.

15%  if registered (90) days in advance
10% if registered (60) days in advance
Full price otherwise

Language: English / Hebrew

Location: Pumping Machinery Training Center, Beer-Sheva, Israel

To Register and for more information contact:
Pumping Machinery Training Center in Beer Sheva:
Dr. Lev Nelik, P.E.: +972-54-579-4711 or

Note: if your company qualifies for a group discount, refer to code "VIP-DISC" when calling. Group Discount terms are specified per long-term contract(s), incluidng training, field assistance in troubleshooting, specialty pump design work, and energy surveys.

The Musical Fountain in Israel - by VK 09/12/2010 @ 13:51

Musical Fountain

The Singing Fountain in Israel

The amazing musical fountain is now open in Tiberias, Israel! Allegedly, it surpasses all existing today. The width of the site, where an action happens - 50 meters. The maximum height that can reach the jets of water is 40 meters!

Pumping Machinery, LLC (USA) convenes the 1st Annual Pump Conference and Exhibition at the Middle East.

Herzliya (northern Tel-Aviv), Israel, November 22-23, 2010

Rotating Machinery Maintenance, Reliability and Energy Savings

The conference carried out jointly with the leading pumps' and pump-related equipment manufacturers, suppliers and pump users.

Program intended for engineers, professionals of maintenance, operating and management of municipal Water and Wastewater systems, Power Plants, Chemical Plants, HVAC, Pulp and Paper mills.

List of the topics:

Session #1 "Centrifugal Pumps"
  • Single-stage end suction ANSI centrifugal pumps.
Focus on Efficiency and Energy Savings: Dr. Lev Nelik, P.E., Pumping Machinery, LLC, (USA/Israel).
  • Double suction centrifugal pumps design variations and effects on reliability: Haim Shlomo, Siniaver Pumps (Israel)
  • Vertical pumps maintenance Issues and Challenges for Proactive Maintenance Approach: Gabi Klein, Gennady Heifetz, Michael Benjamin, Mekorot / EMS Shaham (Israel)
Session #2 "Abrasive, Corrosive and Specialty Applications"
  • Paper Mill Pump Applications: Amnon Sharon, Mondi Hadera Paper Development and Infrastructure (Israel)
  • Abrasive Pumping Challenges: Menahem Weiss, Dead Sea Works (Israel)
  • Boiler Feed Pump Aspects for Power Generation: Marchel Kalmanovich,  Israeli Electric Corporation (Hevrat Hashmal)
  • Chemical Issues with Pumps: Boris Rechtman, ICL Chemicals (Israel)
Sessions #3 "Electrical Aspects"
  • Motor efficiency, VFD, controls, and line losses: Oscar Heinhorn, Enercom Engineering (Israel), Mario Berman, Israel Electric Corporation, and Arik Dan, Yaskawa (Japan)
Session #4
  • Positive Displacement Rotary Pumps: Jim Brennan, IMO/Colfax Pumps Corporation (USA/Europe), Maty De-Haas, Berlin Technologies (Israel), and Moshe Rozenbloom, Polak Brothers (Israel)
Session #5
  • Pumping Challenges at Municipalities: Eli Bronstein, Dimona vice-mayor (Israel)
Session #6
  • Mechanical Seals versus Seal-Less Pumps: Yossi Avisar, Laor Engineering (Israel), and Rammy Shellef, Ettem Seals (Israel)
  • Vibration Analysis for Rotating Machinery: Dr. Leonid Avrukh, PMME (Israel), and Dr. Elia Schwartz , Predictive Systems Engineering (Israel)

Cost (check or credit card):

Attendees: $100 (400 shekels) before September 15, 2010 ($200 after that date) - Group Discounts: 10% (5+ people) / 25% (10+ people)
Exhibitors (tabletops): $1000 (4000 shekels) before September 15, 2010 ($2000 after that date)

To get more information about location, fees, display opportunities or on other questions to Advisory Committee, contact Dr. L. Nelik, P.E., by phone:

+972-54-579-4711 (Israel)
+1-770-310-0866 (USA)

or by e-mail:

Visit Pumping Machinery website.

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