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Writing Enhancement software - by VK

WhiteSmokeWriter 2011 Writing Enhancement software

Those, who often wrote in English are acquainted with the situation when after reading the written text, you suddenly found the annoying errors. And what if you wrote a huge text? Proofreading of such writing can take a long time and requires the great attention. Agree that this is a very important aspect of your work. Perception of you as the intellectual, professional and reliable person is a vital necessity in today's world. Grammatical and spelling mistakes on the job or during correspondence with your colleagues and friends, may negatively affect the perception of you as the professional. However, you can get the invaluable assistance by using the Writing Enhancement software.

So, what is that?
Writing enhancement software, this is a software that includes comprehensive spelling and grammar check tools, going far beyond what MS Word can offer.
By using such a kind of software, you can check the text for commonly misused words, homonyms, syntactical, grammar and spelling errors, just in a few clicks. In addition, you will get an explanation of the mistakes (if any), and several options for possible amendments.

Of course, somebody might say that MS Word already offers this feature, and why it is needed to clutter up the computer with unnecessary software. However, let's compare the work of built-in MS Word spell checker and WhiteSmoke Writer (one of the most advanced English Grammar Correction Software).

Below you can see two screenshots, first is taken from MS Word, the second from WhiteSmoke Writer. Both they have the same text. I think that comment is superfluous.

MS Word Screenshot

White Smoke Writer Screenshot

However, to whom it can be handy?
This software can be very useful for children at school and for adults at work, for those who study English as a second language and for the professionals who write business reports and documentation.
Anyone who writes in English, either in the internet or in his own computer can benefit from using WhiteSmoke Writer for correction and enrichment of the text.

So, what features can be provided by WhiteSmoke Writer?
There are several versions of this amazing software. You can see the comparative table below.
General Writing Version 2011 All Inclusive Pack 2011 Executive Writing Version 2011
Spelling, Grammar, Punctuation, Style and Structure.
Includes Multi Lingual Dictionary, Full Text Translation, Error Explanation Tool.

Intended for general writing purposes.
Includes the General, Business and Creative profiles, Multi-Lingual Dictionary, Full Text Translator and Error Explanation Tool.
Includes corrections for: Spelling, Grammar, Punctuation, Style and Sentence Structure.
This Version is designed for corporate business or professionals in the field of management as well as for those who need a full set of professional tools for fast and accurate document creation.
It uses the most advanced algorithms for correcting grammar, spelling, punctuation errors, plus a text enrichment engine.
The full package includes all writing profiles: general, business, creative, medical, legal, hi-tech, multilingual dictionary and full-text translator.
Bonus - 600 ready-to-use templates for any profile.

Get WhiteSmoke Writer Now!
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