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Drop'n Go - Kit

"Drop'n Go" - Molecular Cocktails

Discover for yourself and your friends - 3 Ready-to-Start-sets of molecular cocktails for your perfect party - be sure your guests will love it!

Enjoy all flavors of Drop'n Go - Berry, Blue and Coffee sets. Try and taste the delicious berry liqueur, freshening Blue Curacao-drops and melting coffee-caramel-pearls.

Drop'n Go gives the possibility create magical Liquid Drops and so called Fake Caviar right at your kitchen, in a few minutes. After you will get the first experience of edible cocktail, which bursts up suddenly releasing the incredible good-tasting liqueur in your mouth, you never forget this sensation! This is perfect addition to champagne, desserts or just try it as single drop-cocktails - you will be amazed!

It's so easy:
Just add 1 of the 2 Calazoon-bags to 500 ml water (without gas), whisk it until it is completely dissolved. Using a pipette you can drip the liqueur into the Calazoon-bath and small "fake caviar" drops will be created. With the dropping spoon, you can form bigger drops (so called Liquid Drops) that can be served as single cocktails. Also, you will find in the package illustrated step by step guide with the serving suggestions.

Each of "Drop'n-Go" sets includes:

  • 0,25 l of liqueur (15% Vol.) (Depending on a chosen set, there is included either Berry, or Blue Curacao, or Coffee-Caramel liqueur.)
  • 2 bags of Calazoon
  • 2 pipettes
  • 1 dropping spoon
  • serving suggestions
  • and... a lot of fun!

Ready to discover the Fairy World of Molecular Cocktails?
Order right NOW, and... Enjoy!

  Drop'n Go Blue
Drop'n Go Blue
Drop'n Go Coffee
Drop'n Go Coffee

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Last update : 27/03/2012 @ 23:09
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