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New Bicycle - Bicycle StandRun

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Back-and-Forth pedal motion bike.

By Dr. Boris Menin

Attempts to make improvements in the construction of a bike and continued at the present time. These attempts are aimed at improving the design of sports bike designed primarily for relatively young people, professional sports, or on bicycles to tourists are also quite physically developed. There is also a similar means of movement for people or for very elderly people with disabilities. However, there are many people who for various reasons (injuries feet, weight, inability to retain a balance, injury, rehabilitation after illness, shyness) remains an elusive opportunity to travel a considerable distance from their own efforts (as when riding a bicycle). To fill this niche can be a means of movement, where movement occurs in consequence of the fact that travel is possible follows the natural way for man movement - walking.
The transition from rotary to reciprocating motion of the pedals makes it easier so that may allow using this mode of transport, even for people who have knee injuries or hip joint.
Our design has a number of distinctive properties:
  1. simple, and thus allows the device to lower the costs,
  2. much better use of the efforts of travel,
  3. is compact so that the fit in the trunk of a car,
  4. can be used as a self-training (for exercise in the fresh air in motion),
  5. can be used as a stationary trainer (at home or in the gym),
  6. can be used as a means of transportation not only for people with limited movement because of damage or injuries to joints, but also for people who lost one leg,
  7. environmentally friendly means of transport for walking enthusiasts.
These advantages are achieved through the following principal differences between our device design and existing concepts.
A. Pedals of the proposed design are not linked. Each of them commits a movement away from dependence on other. In this movement one of them does not result in the movement of another.This is a significant difference from a bike with rotational movement of the pedals.
This design feature allows you to:
  • perform the movement using a pedal;
  • moving, standing on two pedals located on the same level along the road;
  • there is no need for complicated conversion site traffic used in known structures.
B. The amplitude of oscillation pedal levers in the known structures in order to achieve maximum effect, adopted by 120. This rider is forced to preserve the stability of the saddle to sit on the bike and all the movement of produce from the working muscles of the legs.
In our design of swing can be 60 that allows you to:
  • Significantly reduce the rise of the feet, making it easier to work on mobility, for example, for older people;
  • Rider stands on the pedals, thus using their weight to press on the pedal.
Thus, our design provides the ability to install if you want the support seat with a view to the sustainability of travel.
C. In the known structures to rotate the leading star of 360 requires three presses on the pedal. In our design of a leading star turn by 360 occurs in one press of the pedal. This saves much effort in promoting travel to the same path.
D. The drive our design allows you to create a range of transportation and training facilities do not still exist kind of, for example, three- wheelers, a sports bike with auxiliary electric motor.
The drive is in its composition:
  • Pedal-lever to get the win in place;
  • Eccentric cam, which form the surface, allowing increase the number of revolutions of the driving wheel each time you press pedal with an eccentric cam is set so that the beginning movement with the largest radius that helps to create maximum torque for starting from the place;
  • Multi-planetary transmission, which allows changing rotational speed of the driven wheels.
E. The design of the drive allows you to abandon the vertical of the load frame (like a bicycle). The carrier frame of our construction is horizontal (as on the scooter), and possibly lower. This is a significant feature, which allows people with reduced physical activity benefit from moving device of our design, because there is no need move the leg through a high frame.

Creation date : 08/10/2009 @ 12:51
Last update : 25/06/2012 @ 10:45
Category : New Bicycle
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