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Guarzoon - Buy Now!

"Biozoon GmbH" - Guarzoon (300g)

Thickener and stabilizer.
12,60 EUR


Guarzoon comprises guar gum which is extracted from the seeds of leguminous plants. Guarzoon has similar properties to locust bean gum (Locuzoon) and is mainly used as a thickener and stabiliser. Especially liquids thus obtain a high viscosity and a gel-like behaviour. This texture however disintegrates under the impact of even the low shear forces which occur in gentle stirring, eating, shaking or even pouring of the liquid. If left to stand for a longer period, the Guarzoon solution regains its texture.

Guarzoon is acid-stable and is used, amongst others, to produce viscous sauces or stable foams from vinegar or wine reductions. Thus, for example, plastic forms can be achieved with sauces which make it possible to suspend herbs and other particles. Foams are created by frothing up the viscous liquid with the aid of a cream siphon. Guarzoon also prevents the formation of ice crystals so that frozen products generate a better mouth feel. By contrast to Locuzoon, Guarzoon does not form gels, but dissolves more easily, is freeze/thaw-stable and displays very good emulsifying properties which are ideal, for example, for stabilising foams.

Instructions for the production of a herb dressing:

  • Stir 3 level measuring spoons of Guarzoon into 200 ml of cold liquid (broth, juice, etc.) until completely dissolved.
  • Herbs and other particles will be kept suspended.

We recommend a combination with Xanthazoon to achieve strong and elastic textures.

Bon Appetit !

Creation date : 28/01/2010 @ 08:42
Last update : 27/03/2012 @ 23:03
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