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Emulzoon-Buy Now

"Biozoon GmbH" - Emulzoon (300g)

Emulsifier and foam stabilizer.
16,00 EUR
excluding Shipping costs


Emulzoon contains soy lecithin, which is obtained from soy beans. A raw material has been selected for this which comes from soy plants which have not been genetically manipulated (GMO-free). Emulzoon mainly serves as an emulsifying agent, i.e. for the mixing of fat and water, and is used as an additive in industry for dough leavening in bread and baked goods, for the instantisation of dry products, or for the production of margarine and chocolate.

In molecular gastronomy, fatty dressings (e.g. a vinaigrette) or mayonnaise can be produced with Emulzoon. For this, Emulzoon is first dissolved in the aqueous phase and then the oil is added step-by-step, stirring thoroughly with an electric blender. The very small oil droplets which result remain finely dispersed in the mixture and only cream again after 1-2 hours. Through the combined use of a thickening agent, such as Guarzoon or Xanthazoon, the stability of the emulsion can be enhanced.

Emulzoon can also be used to produce airy foams in which the air bubbles are stabilized in the liquid. These foams generate a very aromatic and unique melting sensation in the mouth.

Instructions for the production of an airy foam:

  • Stir 3-4 level measuring spoons of Emulzoon into 200 ml of cold or hot liquid (broth, juice, etc.);
  • Beat the mixture until it is foamy with an electric milk whisk or hand blender at the highest speed;
  • Skim the foam from the surface and repeat the process until sufficient foam has been skimmed off (adding Emulzoon as required).

And now, most importantly ..... Bon Appetit !

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