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"Biozoon GmbH" - Algizoon (300g)

Gelling agent in combination with calcium ions (Calazoon)
11.30 EUR
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Algizoon is widely used in the food industry as a stabiliser and gelling agent, for example in the manufacture of cream or fruit fillings in bakery products, in ice-cream and sorbets to prevent crystal formation or in low-fat spreads to give structure and consistency. comprises sodium alginate, a gelling agent extracted from the cell walls of brown algae. It gives the algae both flexibility and stability.

Together with calcium (Calazoon), Algizoon creates firm, flexible gels. The calcium settles on the components of the Algizoon in such a way that a three-dimensional network is formed in which the water is completely locked. This network is very flexible, heat-stable and can only be destroyed manually (e.g. by biting).

One problem encountered with Algizoon is its sensitivity to acidic liquids, e.g. lemon juice, freshly squeezed fruit juices, vinegars or wine reductions. In this case, Algizoon already gels in the liquid and the reaction with calcium is no longer possible. Thus it is better to use liquids with a low acid content for encapsulation in "liquid drops". If a cocktail mix containing Algizoon is dripped into a bath with Calazoon, the gelling agent promptly reacts with the calcium and "liquid drops" are formed. These have a firm shell and a liquid centre which bursts in the mouth and releases a veritable taste explosion. In this way, a wide variety of aromas can be encapsulated in sizes ranging from small pearls up to large spheres.
Instructions for the production of gel capsules

  • Stir 2 level measuring spoons of Algizoon into 120 ml of cold liquid (broth, juice, etc.) until completely dissolved, using an electric whisk;
  • Alternatively: Dissolve 4 level measuring spoons of Algizoon in 120 ml of cold water, then mix this "stock solution" with the liquid to be encapsulated in a ratio of 1:1 or 1:2.
  • Stir 5 level measuring spoons of Calazoon into 130 ml of cold water until completely dissolved;
  • Drip the Algizoon solution into a bath of Calazoon solution using a measuring spoon or syringe.

Spheres or capsules are produced which trigger a special taste experience as they burst on the palate and release the taste components in a flash.

TIP: When you dissolve Algizoon in water, use water with a low calcium content. You can either filter your tap water (using a water softener filter) or else use still mineral water with a low calcium content.

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