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Molecular Gastronomy
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CocktailPro Kit

Biozoon GmbH - "CocktailPro" Kit

The right ingredients for foams, drops and luminous cocktails.

The "cocktailPro" kit contains all the innovative ingredients and tools needed to transform classic cocktails into molecular cocktails including the recipe book.

- CoktailPro-set including recipe book (English version)
- CoktailPro-set including recipe book (German version)
- CoktailPro-set including recipe book (Russian version)
Order NOW!
  • AGAZOON is used to make solid cocktails which are “good enough to eat”.
  • ALGIZOON and ALAZOON are needed for aroma pearls which burst in the mouth and release a taste explosion.
  • CELLUZOON produces frothy cocktail dreams from foams, so-called espumas.
  • XANTHAZOON transforms cocktails into so-called liquid gels in which particles are suspended.
  • LYCOZOON makes cocktails glow a bright orangey-red.
  • ILLUZOON is a colouring which makes cocktails glow in the dark under the black light.
To order, click HERE

The kit also contains all the necessary utensils:  
  • Drop Spoon – to make large liquid drops.
  • LYCOZOON and  ILLUZOON natural colourings -  to optimize the colour of cocktails, solid gels or liquid drops.
  • Measuring jugs – to measure small quantities of mixed solutions, juices, spirits etc. (10 ml = 1 cl).
  • Pipettes – to make small aroma pearls.
  • Natural Texturizers – to make foams, solid or liquid gels or liquid drops.
  • Measuring Spoon – to measure quantities of texturizers and colourings.
The innovative ingredients for making molecular cocktails are entirely natural and not from a chemistry set. They are sugar molecules which are extracted  algae (Agazoon and Algizoon) or other plants (Celluzoon) or made by bacteria (Xanthazoon).
These sugar molecules work as a gelling or thickening agent since they are capable – to a greater or lesser degree – of binding water to a solid mass. Drops can be produced or pearls which resemble caviar, liquid turned into solid or into foam or liquid gel. Cocktails, but also food, can be presented in an entirely new way.

- CoktailPro-set including recipe book (English version)
- CoktailPro-set including recipe book (German version)
- CoktailPro-set including recipe book (Russian version)
Get it NOW!

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