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Boris Menin


Boris M. Menin PhD., Msc.

The designer - consultant on technical solutions for the development of systems and equipment for cooling and freezing of food products and beverages, designing high-efficient refrigeration equipment for the production of ice of various types and structure, including machines for the production of pumpable ice.
Member of ASHRAE and the Union of Electrical and Electronics Engineers in Israel.
A graduate of the Electrical Communications Institute, St. Petersburg, Russia, 1973, a graduate of the department of heat and mass transfer (Prof. Guygo E.I.) (Ph.D.) at the Technological Institute of Refrigeration Industry in St. - Petersburg, Russia, 1981 year.
From 1984 to 1990, from 1997 to 2009 he worked as a chief scientist (CTO) in research and development companies, involved in research and development equipment for the production of ice, frozen fish, frozen beverage manufacturing, design equipment for the spray of ice crystals to surface cleaning, developing and implementing industrial energy storage systems.
Supervised individual areas of European research and development including EUREKA and FP6.
Dr. Menin has published 2 books, 11 patents, including 6 in the United States, 4 USSR inventor's certificate, 18 articles in the ice-making, increase efficiency chillers and energy storage systems.

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